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Keith Warwick, P.E. offers engineering services in the civil and environmental engineering fields.  Call now to discuss what we can do for you!

Services Offered:

Existing Property Evaluation

Property damage assessments

Obtaining building permits for existing properties

Construction cost estimating

Safety Management

Writing safety plans

Safety audits

Safety inspections

Environmental Assessment

Environmental reviews

Writing environmental compliance plans

Environmental audits

Response to letters from regulators

Accompanying regulators during inspections

Waste management audits

Environmental Permitting

Air quality permitting

Hazardous waste permitting

Universal waste management programs

Hazardous waste management program development

Environmental Management

Waste minimization programs

Recycling programs

Archeological engineering

Agricultural engineering

Environmental protection programs

Ecology programs

Environmental protection programs

Ecology programs

Engineering Psychology

Training program development

Corporate training

Engineering psychology

Human performance improvement

Teaching engineering and construction classes

Career development

Construction Management

Architectural evaluations

Civil Engineering evaluations

Construction progress evaluation (Draw inspections)

Historic facility protection

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